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About Insurance Web Sales and Founder, Gary Savelli

Insurance Web Sales (Web Sales, Inc.)

Insurance Web Sales was founded by Gary Savelli in 1998 in response to the number of insurance agents who contacted Gary after reading his book, or finding him online, who were in desperate need of affordable, marketing type web sites. At the time, the only kind of web sites available to agents were "calling card" type sites, that had no emphasis on sales. And to make matters worse, they were VERY expensive. Gary has worked to change the way insurance agents think about their web sites for two decades now, because he believes a quality site can cost $500 or less, AND, that if designed and marketed properly, they can make money for each and every agent.

Our mission is to get agents a great web site, at THE most affordable price, AND, to get them the knowledge on how to market their site after it is built. Gary's policy is to only get agents the products and design services he would want for himself. And that has proven to have made Insurance Web Sales among the leading insurance agency web design companies in the nation.

We are now beyond our 20th year in service, and there's nothing better when an agent tells us that the web site we built them, and the tutorials and teaching we have provided them, has helped them sell insurance online. To us, that is success. Most agents fail because they lack the knowledge and the tools to sell online - but with our marketing concepts, success is more than just possible - it's probable. We provide agents all they need to know about selling insurance online which we have gleaned by both our own experiences, and, from the ideas of successful agents around the country. That's what makes us DIFFERENT than most companies selling agency web sites. First of all, WE HAVE DONE IT (sold Insurance online), and second of all - each project is custom designed for each client - rather than selling the same site over and over like most design companies do. Each web site has a set of goals unique to the agent, and a "one size fits all" approach will NEVER SELL INSURANCE! At least not a lot of it.

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  • Bio - Gary Savelli

    Gary has been a licensed insurance agent for over 35 years, and was among the first insurance agents to successfully sell insurance online.  His book, "Selling Insurance on the Internet" (a "how to" guide)  was first published by a national brokers association who noticed that he was among a handful of agents selling insurance online at the time. This book has now sold over 15,000 copies, and is available from our web site in PDF version for $10.00. CLICK to order Gary's book here.

      Gary is an insurance agency web site designer (specializing in web site design for agents wanting to SELL online), a search engine marketing consultant, popular national convention speaker, twice winner of the "idea of the year" award from the American Agent's Alliance, and HTML computer programmer.  He and his wife Song live near Burlington, NC

      Gary can help you solve your web site marketing problems, inform you of the most current marketing trends, and help you design the right web site for your goals. You can call Gary at 502-445-2382, email him at:, or visit his web site for many tutorials and a Free Critique of YOUR web site.