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insurance agent website design, lowest rates
insurance agent website design, lowest rates

Our Free Tutorials Will Help Improve Your Website Results!

Feel free to read these excerpts from my many published articles for insurance agents. These tutorials will help you fine tune and increase the effectiveness of YOUR website. My gift to you for visiting our site today. When you are done, add yourself to our email list to receive YOUR information via email.

Converting Your Current Web Site to a "Selling" Web Site

One day, just for fun, go to one of the search engines like Google or Yahoo, and do a search for something like: "low cost insurance". Then peruse through a dozen insurance agent web pages (not major insurance company sites - look at AGENT sites that are on line). What you will find is a common thread that makes them web sites that will NOT sell insurance.

Of those dozen web sites you will look at, I would venture to say that ALL TWELVE will be nothing more than glorified calling cards. They will have an index page that tells a little bit about the agency, with buttons or links on the left side or in the body of the main page taking the viewer to other pages within the site to get a quote. Sometimes it takes two or three clicks to even arrive at a quote request form.

You'll see a nice biography (no selling there); Directions and a map (no selling there); links, logos, or blurbs about their companies (no selling there), a mission statement (no selling there), and so on. You get the idea. As you can see - they are all missing the point.

No selling!

One major reason for this "failure to sell" on line, is that these sites are most often designed by people who have NO experience selling insurance on the web. What they do is design. But what YOU want to do is SELL! How can we get the two to go together?

First of all, I believe there is enough Internet insurance business on the web to satisfy every agent reading this, or I would have written a book, offer these articles, or be designing web sites for agents around the country.

Secondly, if you have an insurance web site, and you are NOT selling insurance from it, you are doing something wrong. If you don't have a web site yet, listen up, so you don't make the mistakes the majority of agents make.

At our San Francisco agency, in the times we were doing all we could to bring buyers to our web site, we were selling upwards of 100 to 150 policies and bonds per month. When we were overwhelmed with new business, we would scale back to around 50 per month, With only two agents and five total staff, that was all we could physically handle. Now you ask, "How did you do THAT!?" The answer is simple - I made my web sites SELL!

Follow these simple "SELLING" principles and you WILL sell policies on line once you start getting visitors to your site:

1) Make your web site COMPEL viewers to buy insurance from you. In order to do that your pages must give "examples" of policies you have sold so viewers know you can do the same for them. You must present pricing examples (that is the most important information.) You must tell them precisely what they have to do to get a policy from you, and let them know just how FAST you can get them insured. After all, that's the point.

2) Make your web site SIMPLE and EASY to use. Don't take your viewers through a hundred links and pages to get information. Don't waste their time with a useless home page that tells them nothing about products they can buy. Make your pages very brief. You must offer SIMPLE quote forms - and those forms must collect the BARE MINIMUM information needed to get a basic estimate to them (your initial pricing does not have to be "exact" - call it an estimate!) If possible collect quote information on ONE quote page so those viewers do not get frustrated like you do when filling out a bunch of different forms.

3) Make buying insurance from you on line the FASTEST and MOST PLEASANT experience on earth. If viewers call you, give them a quote instantly. If viewers request a quote via e-mail or forms, return it the same or next day. If you have a potential buyer interested in getting insurance, fax or e-mail them applications immediately to secure that business. Accept credit cards for new business so viewers can place coverage right away. Just make it so EASY they WANT insurance from you!

4) Lastly, have your web pages designed properly and sensitive to terms the viewers are using on search engines. You cannot sell insurance to people if they cannot find you. If you need help in optimizing or designing your pages to improve your chances of being found, you can contact us for help. You can find an insurance agency web site "battle plan" in our easy to follow book "Selling Insurance on the Internet" (you can buy it on line in the right column of this page).

If you make these adjustments in your web site, I am confident you will see customers coming your way. Not because I "think" it works - but because we do it day in and day out - and you can too!

Gary Savelli

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