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insurance agent website design, lowest rates
insurance agent website design, lowest rates

Our Free Tutorials Will Help Improve Your Website Results!

Feel free to read these excerpts from my many published articles for insurance agents. These tutorials will help you fine tune and increase the effectiveness of YOUR website. My gift to you for visiting our site today. When you are done, add yourself to our email list to receive YOUR information via email.

Making Money in New Ways Using Your Web Site"

One of the best things to do with your agency web site is to "make money where you have never made it before."

What could be better than gaining an income stream which is completely new? Such potential is there on the Internet. One of the things our San Francisco agency found out quickly in our Internet endeavors, was that the web was a great place to make money selling coverages we had not been able to before!

Examples you ask? Prior to having a web site, our new business count for monoline earthquake insurance was zero - unless one of existing homeowners policy holders wanted such coverage. Now it is not a rare thing to sell a dozen policies a month, and that is NEW business, SOLELY from Internet customers.

Prior to having a web site, we sold perhaps one or two Special Event policies per month (the source of that business was from a yellow page ad we had). Now, it is a commonplace occurrence to write one or two event policies a DAY (each bringing in over $100 in commissions and brokerage fees to our agency).

Prior to having a web site, we sold, on a good month, one or two surety bonds. Now, surety bonds is one of the main sources of new business income at the agency (sometimes amounting in excess of $1000 or $2000 in commissions a month.)

There are lines of insurance that are MADE for the Internet. Your imagination is the limit. Think about the "unusual". Everyone writes auto insurance. It's getting harder to find customers when everyone offers it, so don't worry about auto insurance for now. Start developing web pages that go after the things that FEW other agencies write, and that are specialty items. When customers call their current agent for special insurance coverages or bonds, their agent normally can't help them, so these customers go looking on the Internet to fill that void. You must be there to help them.

Special programs your agency may have through various companies are PERFECT for the web. "Guarantee issue smokers life insurance", "Motorcycle insurance for drivers regardless of points on driving record", "instant issue travel insurance" --- these kinds of programs are tailor made for the internet. Look over your inventory and get to work!

And one last helpful tip: You will NOT get these customers finding your special programs from your agency "home page". You must begin to develop sub pages (or better yet, niche sites) catering to these specific types of coverages.

If you're already on the web - start making money where you have never made it before. We did, and it's a rewarding experience!

Gary Savelli

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