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insurance agent website design, lowest rates
insurance agent website design, lowest rates

Our Free Tutorials Will Help Improve Your Website Results!

Feel free to read these excerpts from my many published articles for insurance agents. These tutorials will help you fine tune and increase the effectiveness of YOUR website. My gift to you for visiting our site today. When you are done, add yourself to our email list to receive YOUR information via email.

“Niche” Web Sites Boost Effectiveness

They are more than a "trend" - they are a gold mine. I'm talking about "Niche web sites".

The successful Internet agent will no doubt make several niche web sites to deliver the greatest results. It’s like a fisherman having several hooks in the water. More niche sites for various kinds of coverages will only present a greater chance of succeeding in one line or another, and will eventually develop a strong “presence” for that agency.

You never know what people are looking for. For instance - prior to the Internet, our agency wrote perhaps 25-50 motorcycle policies a year. We had good markets (you have to have good markets to sell!), but we had no way of generating leads. Now, motorcycle insurance is one of the things we do most - as many as 25 policies a MONTH, and those leads come from our web site which was optimized for the term “California motorcycle insurance.”

60% or more of the sites we are designing now are niche sites targeting one type of coverage (such as event, or motorcycle, or homeowners, etc.), or one type of class (such as contractors, businessowners, etc.).

What makes a good niche site? My experience has taught me that a good niche site MUST have certain qualities to make it work. Please take these into account when starting your niche site:

  • 1) Simplicity. A good niche site is VERY simple, so that it will be obvious to the viewer that they have come to the right place for their product. They won’t have to hunt around - it’s all there.

  • 2) A LARGE toll-free phone number. You WANT the viewer to call you because a called-in lead is the best. Make sure your niche site has the phone number large and easy-to-call.

  • 3) Relevant price examples. A good niche site has price examples for the products you are selling. That is why they are at your web site - to find out what it will cost!

  • 4) Good graphics. This is not something to be overlooked. Viewers don’t really “read” on the web when searching for insurance... they “look”. So make sure the graphic is very relevant to the insurance they are looking for. For example, if you are developing an earthquake insurance niche site, use photos that show homes destroyed by an earthquake so your customer is compelled to take action. You must visually convince them to contact you for a quote immediately!

  • 5) High degree of page optimization. You want the niche site home page to be filled with keyword terms and phrases, keyword laden links, and all meta tags and other search related items to be top of the line.

    If you need help in building a niche site - we are one of the most experienced design companies in this field. Contact me personally - I'd love to help you do it right.

    Gary Savelli

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