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insurance agent website design, lowest rates
insurance agent website design, lowest rates

Our Free Tutorials Will Help Improve Your Website Results!

Feel free to read these excerpts from my many published articles for insurance agents. These tutorials will help you fine tune and increase the effectiveness of YOUR website. My gift to you for visiting our site today. When you are done, add yourself to our email list to receive YOUR information via email.

Choosing Effective Domain Names for Your Agency Web Site.

I am happy to present this continuing series of free "Internet Strategies" for agents and brokers.

I have brokers, agencies, AND companies asking how we have been successful on the Internet, because they haven't been. That is why I have written a book and am offering these articles online. In the past year or two, I have seen all the "tips" in various publications on having an insurance web site (most NOT written by agencies actually doing it!), - but few, if any of them has ever successfully addressed the real issue: How can I SELL insurance on the Internet?

So let's start with one of the the most important points: your web site DOMAIN NAME.

Without fail, nearly EVERY insurance agency web site I have ever seen is titled something like: "", or "", etc. I call that the Internet insurance "kiss of death" when attempting to market your website.

Almost every viewer who has ever come to us for insurance via the internet has gone searching for us through a search engine, and they will rarely, if ever, find a site that has the agency's name as the domain name or in the home page title. You must find a DOMAIN NAME which represents the product(s) you sell in order to be successful on the web.

You must incorporate KEY WORDS into your domain name. If you sell bonds, get the word "bonds" in the domain name, like "". Something that has the PRODUCT, and if you can, the STATE you are in (if you only sell in one state) is about as good as you can get!

The domain it must be as short as possible. For example, our site entitled "" is a winner for motorcycle insurance. Find something short and sweet. I realize that can be difficult since many domain names are disappearing, but you can find something better than what you have now.

What you WILL find is that the DOMAIN NAME of your web site (which will also be the home page index title most often) is probably THE most important factor in Internet sales success, because it is the most important factor in used by viewers finding you via the search engines. It is the most important factor search engines use in delivering relevant results. So get a good one! Remember: Key words, add the state you are in (if you sell in only one state), and not too long.

Accomplish that and see your "findability" increase a hundred fold!

Gary Savelli

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